In my defense, the question was intended as a cheeky hypothetical.

For hypotheticals, and often for real-world activities, we are asked to assume impossible scenarios.

“Write us a five-year projection. Assume continuance of current market trends.”

“Go out and vote. Assume your vote matters.”

“Live the American Dream and buy your own home. Assume this zero-down mortgage, your high-risk credit status, and the housing market’s instability are all trivial matters. Please sign here.”

That being said, I actually disagree with your hypothesis that time only moves in one direction. I would agree with you if you said I would never build a time machine, or that time will only travel in one direction during our live experiences, but in general, I stand with Jorge Borges on time. I don’t think we fully understand it, or can really wrap our head around anything beyond the progressive march in which we experience order of events.

But now we’re getting philosophical. So I digress.

Thank you for your wonderful answer, I quite enjoyed it and responding to it, and have followed you to keep tabs on your writing.



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