Slut shaming your ex on Medium is never the moral high ground

So she created an online sugarbaby/dating profile before she could legally drink, a friend of a friend you hadn’t talked to in years said that he had messaged her and they talked.

And despite your mother telling you that there’s nothing wrong with women using their sexuality to make money but everything wrong with men treating women as objects you proceeded to break this information out mid argument in order to hurt her because you felt betrayed by something she had or hadn’t done before your relationship started?!

Has your Mom read this article yet? Maybe she’ll slap some sense into your slut-shaming head.

You should be ashamed of your whining rant that will inevitably connect her to a youthful mistake. Your passive aggressive attempt to hurt her even now means you are not the nice person you see yourself to be!

Men reading: take note, this is what women complain about when we say nice guys are often just mean guys with better manners.

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