My Love Letter to the Best App You’ve Never Heard of

TeamStory, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways…

1. They respond quickly

I’m not saying that it’s always an instantaneous response — sometimes it’s a few hours, but they certainly don’t take weekends off. There’s somebody there responding every day.

2. They respond personally

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“oh startup life” indeed.

3. They welcome everyone.

Each new person gets a comment on their first post. Now that TeamStory has added private messaging, I’d guess they’re also urging shy people to make that first post, privately.

4. They produce their own targeted content.

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Walking their talk, TeamStory does things like internal congratulations through the app.

5. They are responsive to and soliticious of feature requests.

TeamStory values feedback, and not only acts upon it, but also follows up with the individual to let them know how it’s progressing. And they know the product isn’t perfect, but they jump on any bug.

And most of all,

6. They’re genuine.

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Sometimes being genuine means being a little vulnerable.

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