I agree completely, Anil. You’re right; now is the time to act.

And I’d like to add, it’s also time to be aware.

I wrote a blog post about a technology designed to track voting patterns two days ago thinking Hillary would win. Reading it now in light of a President I’m uncertain of, a single party majority in the House and Senate, and a seat open on the Supreme Court, I feel like being involved, being aware, and knowing the issues at stake has doubled in importance.

When I was testing IssueVoter (the product I wrote about) it made me realize that there is no excuse for me to be ignorant on issues facing my representative. IssueVoter and technology in general can assist me in urging them to choose fairly and wisely, thus making a difference.

And while I am aware of the dangers of armchair activism, when combined with the actions you describe above, we can affect real change.

Thank you for this piece. I hope we can all make at least a small stand — that’s how mountains move.

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Freelance marketer by day, inveterate doodler in all the spaces in between. Current project: A Dog Named Karma. To say hello: mynamenospaces at gee mail Thanks!

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