How to write a Product Hunt “exposé” for fun and profit

Glasshole Kitty is bored by your machinations.

Start with a mystery

Thicken the plot

What Product Hunt isn’t telling you (because everyone already knows)

1. Bring up “The Blacklist” (a fictional repository that doesn’t exist to the point that you’ll later have to retract it in an “update”)

2. State that some products go straight to the front page! Gasp!

3. Then, that these products are posted by people who have been granted unfettered access to the front page! Double gasp!

4. And that product teams go out of their way to find these people and ask them to post! How dastardly! A triple gasp!

5. Then point out some products never make it to the front page! I’m gasping so much I’m hyperventilating!

6. Finally: say that making friends with Product Hunt community members will help you succeed on Product Hunt.

Why bother writing an exposé

So what?

Call to Action

I just wanted to stick up for a community that I’ve grown to love.

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