Do Buffer Auto Content Posts Really Work?

A quick-and-dirty analysis of whether click-button content is providing traction for me.

Lately Buffer has been providing (fairly) unique interest-generated content for auto-tweeting. I’ve tried it—and it seems to work. So much so that I felt a little like crying: could a robot really tweet better than I could? So I got out a calculator and went at it, like I was in Moneyball.

This is an original tweet.

I’d love to say that all of my tweets are witty, or contain carefully curated links to amazing content, like the outlier above.


This is a more typical original tweet.

I’m actually really lazy when it comes to seeking out content, and would far rather give out my opinion on something seemingly random.

So when I noticed that Buffer had gotten better at assigning people unique and relevant auto-tweets, I was sorely tempted.

So I auto-tweeted. It was a dark moment. I felt guilty.

Or at least I felt guilty until I got four ‘favorites’ on a single link.

‘…Damn, does this actually work?’ I wondered.

On the surface, it looked like it. After all, I got more likes and retweets than I felt I normally got.

And that didn’t give me the best of feels. Could a robot tweet better than I could?

So I broke out the math and analyzed 100 tweets from the week before.

If I analyzed my average tweet against the average Buffer tweet, Buffer scored higher in number of favorites and the likelihood of being retweeted!

But then I broke it down a bit more—of the 100 tweets, 25 were original content, 13 were retweets, and 62 were @-replies.

@-replies, by far the majority of my content, were unlikely to be favorited and even more unlikely to be retweeted.

If I compared my own original content to Buffer auto tweets, though, I came out ahead.

Buffer auto-tweets on average were liked 2.67 times and had a 1 in 3 chance of being retweeted. But my own original tweets had 3.2 likes and a 2 in 3 chance of being retweeted.

However, despite Buffer auto tweets’s relatively low performance as original content, I’m still going to use them occasionally. Why?

A Buffer auto-tweet. Note the link.

Some of them, like this crayon tweet, are genuinely interesting.

Also, they’re really damn easy. It’s hard to be witty on command—so I might just auto-tweet now and again!

(Call me on it if it gets too bad: My Twitter)

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