4 things you should know about women and entrepreneurship

And the data to back you up

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1. Investment: women take half as much, less of the time

On average, women have half as much money as men when starting a business: $75,000 as compared to $135,000 for men, according to the 2007 US Census Survey of Business Owners (SBO). According to Golden Seeds more than 30% of women don’t take investment at all, while less than 20% of men could say the same.

2. Women don’t get funded equally

Women are a quarter as likely as men to receive venture capital funding, and half as likely to get a bank loan, according to the SBO.

3. Women fund women

15% of funded VC companies have a woman on the executive team (that’s 985 out of 6,793 companies between 2011–2013). Since VC firms with women on the team are more likely to invest in women-led companies, that’s doubly bad news.

4. Women profit

According to Illuminate, women-lead companies ran leaner, seeing roughly the same rate of return with 1/3 the burn rate. And according to the Kaufmann Foundation’s 2013 study, “Women in Technology: Evolving, Ready to Save the World” suggested that investments in women-lead companies had a 35% higher rate of return.

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